Consolidate my payday loans does not provide loans to consumers.

We contact your lenders and lower your current interest rates and fees. In some cases, we can eliminate the fees depending on the lender.

No APR. No Annual Cost.


Our fees adhere to federal and state guidelines across the country. Please look below to see what your state fees are and if we can help. We do not have minimum payments for our programs nor do we charge you an interest rate.


If client owes $1500.00 on a particular loan and they have a 30% interest rate with their lender, we will contact the lender and re negotiate the terms set forth on the original agreement. Once we negotiate the terms on your loan we will obtain a new agreement from the lender(s) and make payments according to the new terms and agreement with the lender. We will contact each lender and repeat the process.

Once we have your lender in agreement, your fee is calculated by your state fee regulation. If the balance is $1000.00 and your fee is 15% your fee for negotiating that account would be 150.00. This is a onetime fee. We do not charge ANY upfront fees according to the Tele-Marketing Sales Rule (TSR) which is governed by United States Federal Government.

TheTele-Marketing Sales Rule reads as follows:

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation's consumer protection agency, has amended the Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR) to add specific provisions to curb deceptive and abusive practices associated with debt relief services. One key change is that many more businesses will now be subject to the TSR. Debt relief companies that use telemarketing to contact potential customers or hire someone to call people on their behalf have always been covered by the TSR. The new Rule expands the scope to cover not only outbound calls - calls you place to potential customers - but in-bound calls as well - calls they place to you in response to advertisements and other solicitations. If your business is involved in debt relief services, here are three key principles of the new Rule:

  • It's illegal to charge upfront fees. You can't collect any fees from a customer before you have settled or otherwise resolved the consumer's debts. If you renegotiate a customer's debts one after the other, you can collect a fee for each debt you've renegotiated, but you can't front-load payments. You can require customers to set aside money in a dedicated account for your fees and for payments to creditors and debt collectors, but the new Rule places restrictions on those accounts to make sure customers are protected.
  • You have to disclose certain information before signing people up for your services. Before people sign up, you must disclose fundamental aspects of your services, including how long it will take for them to get results, how much it will cost, the negative consequences that could result from using debt relief services, and key information about dedicated accounts if you use them.
  • You can't misrepresent your services. The new Rule prohibits you from making false or unsubstantiated claims about your services.

Our Programs are normally from 9 months to 36 months depending on your budget. Each state is different as far as state guidelines set forth in your state. Please see below for your state guidelines.

Fees for our services range from 10% to highest 20% depending on your state guidelines. Maximum fee is 20%. We do not charge any late fees for late payments or payments missed for our services.

Contact Us to take advantage of our program today. We can work with credit cards, department stores, personal loans, payday loans, medical bills and the IRS. We are regulated by the United States federal government and any state guidelines set forth in your state.